| Bathroom Mold and Health Concerns

Bathroom Mold and Health Concerns

There are a lot of people who have symptoms that they attribute to different things, but their symptoms could be caused by something that they may have never considered.  Did you know that you can be made sick from mold?  If you have any of the symptoms or health issues below, you may have them because of mold in your bathroom.

•    Rash – The first common symptom of bathroom mold is a rash on your skin.  Although most people think that you have to have direct contact with mold to get a rash, that isn’t always true. If you simply inhale the fumes the mold gives off, you can develop a rash.

•    Irritation in the Eyes – Even though most may pass this off simply as allergies, watering and redness in your eyes could be a sign that there is mold in your bathroom or other places.

•    Headache – Another symptom of mold in the bathroom is a headache. When you breathe in mold, it often causes a headache, especially if you are already a sufferer of migraines.  People who get migraines have hypersensitivity to different stimulants, such as mold.

•    Sore throat – A fourth symptom that you may have and may not attribute to mold is a raw, sore throat or a hoarse voice.  Often mold spore will go into a person’s throat and become lodged there, irritating the tissue.

•    Respiratory problems – The final symptoms that you may have because your bathroom has mold in it is problems with breathing – having trouble breathing, runny nose, nosebleeds, and problems with the sinuses. Often these will be attributed to allergy problems or you may think that you have a cold, but this isn’t always the case.  If you have these problems consistently, you should take a good look at your bathroom and see if there is any mold there, because that could be what is causing your symptoms.

A lot of people have mold in their houses and they don’t know about it because they are having symptoms that can be attributed to many other things, but if the mold isn’t taken care of, it can be very costly both in terms of the repairs that need to be made to the house and to the health of the people who live there. So don’t just discount your health problems and symptoms to a simple case of the sniffles or to allergies. It may be something much more sinister lurking in your bathroom that is making you sick.

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