Your Bathroom Mold Removal Guide

Nothing quite says “yuck” like ugly and unhygienic bathroom mold and if you’ve just found some lurking in the corner of your shower or if you want to make sure that mold never darkens the door of your new bathroom suite then this is the site for you.

Here at we will take a look at exactly what bathroom mold is, because there are many different varieties of mold and you need to understand the difference between a relatively harmless mold, like mildew, and something more serious, like toxic black mold. To be fair the former is most common and most likely so don’t start panicking unnecessarily even if you have a black mold in your bathroom. While mold can present a health risk this is rarely the case but it is worth pointing out some of the risks especially if someone in your family is prone to allergies or respiratory problems. If you are seriously concerned that you have mold which presents a health risk then please contact a mold removal specialist or your local housing authority.

There are a few different ways to effectively clean mold, including the use of special cleaning products, home made cleaning solutions, eco friendly solutions and good old fashioned elbow grease. Whichever product you decide to use remember that the fight against mold is an ongoing battle and you will need to be constantly vigilant. This may sound overly dramatic but it is worth pointing out that mold can always return, especially in a damp environment like a bathroom.

By far the best form of attack is defense, stay on top of the causes of mold and you will save yourself a lot of time further down the road. Molds are a type of fungus, neither a plant or animal, but certainly a living organism that likes to make its home in damp and moist places, hence its occurrence in your bathroom. Leaky taps, unventilated spaces and a lack of routine cleaning will all play their part and create an environment in which mold can thrive. Preventing mold is the key.

Take steps to routinely maintain your bathroom and you will prevent the possibility of mold. Regularly air your bathroom or make sure you have an effective extraction fan. Don’t ignore wear and tear to sealants or taps and stay on top of normal household cleaning. Why does mold often appear in student bathrooms? Simply because cleaning the house is not often a priority! Don’t forget that mold is not fussy about which type of surface it grows on. So as well as keeping the bathroom dry and clean remember to regularly clean and air towels or dressing gowns.

When it comes to using a mold cleaning product always, as they say, read the label so that you don’t turn one problem into another. Some products bought over the counter can contain some pretty toxic chemicals so be careful with your hands and skin and which surfaces you apply them too. A good rule of thumb is always wear rubber gloves and experiment on a small area of your bathroom first to test the results.

In conclusion, you may want to read the other articles on this site to get a clearer understanding of what types of bathroom mold there are, what cleaning methods exist, what the best preventative measures are and why removal is important, but ultimately mold and damp go hand in hand. Remove the damp and you’re well on your way to removing mold. If the walls of your property have an inherent damp problem then you are well advised to seek professional help. Similarly leaky roofs and faulty plumbing should all be dealt with immediately if discovered.

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